Footy final fever is here in Australia. Whether you play the sport yourself, or you are lucky enough to score a famous player's jersey after their game, having this piece of attire framed for hanging in your home is a wonderful way to pay tribute to an amazing football season. As someone who has never had a football jersey framed before, here are two points to consider so that you achieve the perfect jersey framing.

To Wash or Not?

The decision of whether or not you wash the jersey before framing depends mainly on whether the jersey has been autographed or not. If it is your own jersey that you played in and it is dirty from the final game, then you want to wash it before framing. Not only does this remove the dirt from the fabric, but it also removes body oils which may be trapped in the fabric fibres.

Removing these oils means you won't see them bleed through the fabric after it is framed under glass. However, if the football jersey is one which you received from another player and it has been autographed, then you don't want to wash it because you don't want the pen ink to run. In this situation, you can spot clean the jersey around the autographed area. This involves hand washing most of the jersey in warm soapy water but making sure the autographed area does not get put into the water.

Pick the Right Glass

Once the jersey is washed, then it is time to take it to your picture framer. There are a number of things to consider when framing a jersey. The three main decisions to be made are:

  • colour and type of frame
  • colour and type of matting
  • type of glass

Out of the three decisions to be made, the one which impacts the life of the jersey most is the decision about which glass is used in the frame. When the jersey frame is placed on the wall of your home, it becomes exposed to sunlight. The UV rays of the sun can fade the colours in the jersey over time. Therefore, you must purchase UV glass as part of the framing package. This glass contains a block which prevents the UV rays from attacking your jersey. You can further increase your odds against colour reduction by hanging the jersey on a wall which is not exposed to direct sunlight.

A local custom picture framing service can help you get your football jersey framed, so once it is clean head on down to their location to discuss framing options which best suit your budget